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The One About Shanghai

A pleasant thing that happens when your movie finally gets released — people you don’t know see it and then write nice things about it.  I gather that Maura Elizabeth Cunningham is a book critic and a former Shanghai expat.  Thanks Maura! 

BTW, Shanghai Calling is now released in the US. Where to watch.  



By Maura Elizabeth Cunningham

Shanghai Calling serves up something like a Friends-style perspective on Shanghai for American audiences; writer-director Daniel Hsia’s new romantic comedy omits some of the grittier aspects of living in this city, and its characters are all upwardly mobile urbanites. But this is not to say that I didn’t recognize—and enjoy—the Shanghai that I saw in Hsia’s film (which was shot on location), and I think Americans who have never visited the metropolis will be pleasantly surprised by what they learn while watching it. 

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